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The information technology of things

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We are in the age of the Internet of Things, dominated by data but also by latency. In this scenario, Edge Computing is the missing link between the data of IoT devices that must be pushed to the cloud and those that require edge processing to provide greater reliability to the flow of data. The opportunities that will arise from the combination of IoT and Edge Computing are as many as the investments that are taking place: just consider that the number of “connected things” has reached 30 billion in 2020 to rise to 80 billion in the next 25 years. Edge computing is above all the infrastructure for the collection of big data.

Our expertise allows you to cover the complex needs of the IoT world and Edge Computing:
Network: Design, Delivery, Linking of Edge Solutions
Datacenter: Convergence of data in the WESTPOLE or third party Cloud
Security: Protect data privacy with a dedicated BU
Managed Service: all-round solution management

PERFORMANCE: Increasing the company’s competitiveness and performance; innovating the product development process or the entire company business model
DATA DRIVEN: Exploit insight by finding unused data and using a predictive model
QUALITY: Adopt a proactive operating model;
Enable the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and data analysis within processes
DISRUPTIVE MODEL: Enabling a new paradigm based on interconnection, communication and data security

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