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Every company must be acquainted with its business, its assets and their relations so the assets always have clear Security levels and objectives based on the critical condition of the assets themselves


Once the risks and the organizational solutions have been identified, the technological solutions must be put in place to achieve the objectives set in the Governance phase:
– Network Security: Net Generation, Firewall, IPS and, more generally, any solution in contact with the perimeter of the company
– Content Security: Email and Mobile Security, Anti-Malware, Data Loss Prevention…
– Datacenter & Cloud Security: Vulnerability Protection, Log Management and SIEM
– Identity & Access Management: Privileged Access Management and Multi-factor Authentication
– Application Security, meaning the set of solutions that allow developing the code with specific security requirements and tools which permit analyzing web traffic and protecting applications

Security Awareness

To achieve the security objectives that a company has set itself, technology alone is not enough: the people of that company must be trained and educated both from a behavioral and technical point of view.

Security Incident

When the security plan has been completed, it is advisable to provide processes and solutions that constantly monitor and control the state of the infrastructure and any anomalies that may arise.


Together with all the activities that a company must carry out from a security point of view, there are regulations, laws and industry standards, national and international, with which it must always comply.

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