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To face the blockchain, we need to refer to a number of topics apparently very different from one another: first of all, the concept of trust, then come encryption, transparency, sharing and “competition” in achieving a result. To these concepts must be added other concepts such as the immutability of data and information over time and decentralization. From all these topics comes innovation – not only technological – powerful and complex, but also democratic and extraordinarily revolutionary. By adding Artificial Intelligence, we obtain an Exponential Matrimony: a winning weapon of inestimable value if used respecting the concept of “Trustless”.

More than 40 years of experience enable us to position ourselves as a Skill Integrator and Partner for digital transformation, supporting Italian companies to integrate their solutions with new technologies such as Blockchain and AI:
Solution First: Tech independent business advisory analysis
Innovation: Digital ready solutions for immediate value creation
WebRainbow Platform: AGID qualified proprietary process automation platform capable, for example, of using AI for automatic routing of certified emails
Integration: Portfolio of partners specialized in mainstream technologies (AI, IPA, Virtual Operators and Blockchain) integrated in the WebRainbow platform

SAVING: Cutting costs by eliminating manual processes (e.g. reconciling multiple isolated registers)
SPEED: Increasing speed of transactions and agreements through immediate distribution
SECURITY: Mitigating the risk of unavailability by using distributed architecture;
Increasing security through the use of cryptography
TRUST: Ensuring the authenticity and integrity of the data through the node consensus

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