Code of Ethics and Form 231

WESTPOLE, in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/01 as amended, has adopted its own Code of Conduct, an own Organisational Model and has appointed a Supervisory Body (SB).

The company’s Code of Conduct defines the set of values and principles affecting our company’s business activity and establishes the rules of conduct for relations with our Collaborators, Customers, Suppliers and Partners.

We wish to inform you that all those who work with our company are required to know and respect the principles contained therein and that any breach of such principles will result in the termination of the relationship of trust.


The Organisational Model consists of:

  • Code of Conduct;
  • General Section;
  • Special Section;


The Model aims to:

  • improve the system of Corporate Governance;
  • prepare a structured and organic system of prevention and control aimed at reducing the risk of crimes related to corporate business activities being committed, with special regard to the prevention of any illegal conduct;
  • determine, in all those who work in the name and/or on behalf of WESTPOLE, in the “areas of risk activity”, the awareness that, in the event of any breach of the provisions contained therein, they may incur in an offence punishable by criminal and administrative sanctions, not only against themselves but also against the company;
  • inform all those who operate for any reason in the name, on behalf or in any case in the interest of WESTPOLE, that any breach of the provisions contained in the Model will result in the application of appropriate sanctions or the termination of the contractual agreement;
  • reaffirm that WESTPOLE does not tolerate unlawful conduct of any kind and for any purpose whatsoever, since such conduct (even if the Company is apparently in a position to take advantage of it) is in any case contrary not only to the provisions of the law, but also to the ethical-corporate principles which WESTPOLE intends abiding by in the performance of its business mission.

Any reports of breaches must be sent by email to the following address [email protected] or in paper form to the following address:


Via Francesco Patrizio da Cherso, 30 – 00143 Roma
C.A. CISO & CSR Manager