Westpole innovation in

Infrastructure 4.0

Take a step forward towards the Cities of the Future, where Monitoring Technology and Infrastructure integrate data and information from multiple systems for area control

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Industry challenges


Proactive monitoring of infrastructure to ensure security for users


Area control


Value for the community

WESTPOLE solution

  • Implementation of sensors that collect data on the field through the use of edge technologies
  • Collection of information inside a cloud platform where it is analyzed to highlight non-standard stresses in order to trigger management processes to improve security
  • Management of the road system in relation to detected stresses
  • Integration with visioning computing technologies for image analysis in order to significantly reduce the number of false positives and leave the evaluation of real cases to human operators
  • Certification of information via blockchain to ensure that it is authentic and complete
  • Development governed in its functionalities by WESTPOLE and the network of quality partners

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