Westpole innovation in

Smart PA & e-Health

Redesigns the Public Sector and Healthcare in a digital PA turned to the future, where the availability of information and speed of data access are cornerstones.

  • #RobotProcessOptimization
  • #HumanCenteredDesign
  • #BPM

Industry challenges


Improving services to users, the public and businesses


Simplification and Digitization


Increasing quality and saving

WESTPOLE solution

  • Digitization and innovation of the PA as regards front-office services to the public and back-office through AI systems of Robot Process Optimization
  • SSupport for the latest technology platforms that reduce development costs and time
  • Intervention on protocol and document management systems and interaction with other existing systems
  • Certification of information, verification of the digital identity of patients / users, and reference to the historic records through blockchain
  • AI to support the staff in the day-by-day
  • Cybersecurity solutions

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