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Hybrid cloud systems to scalei go to cloud projects

What we propose

For some years now, cloud has established itself as a response to the business needs for agility and efficiency. At the same time, this new scenario has seen a shift in complexity from traditional infrastructural and architectural needs towards the governance of services provided by the “cloud”, especially in the case of the use of hybrid models. The ability to delegate this complexity of management to third parties is a great opportunity for companies that can identify the right Partner to which to entrust every aspect of the technological life cycle. Monolithic go to cloud models have failed, hybrid models win. We can make them scalable and secure across the company as a whole.

Service Integration is our main focus, the diversified skill of our staff our main asset:
Multicloud & Hybrid Cloud of on-premise environments, in public clouds, in the WESTPOLE Cloud
Monitoring & Network Management: Management of networks regardless of the location of reference
Systems: Management of Unix/Linux, AS400, Windows families
Database: Skills in the most common databases: Oracle, MS SSQL, MYSQL, Maria DB, DB2
Middleware: Skill for the administration of App Servers, Web Servers, Presentation Solutions
Security: Design of perimeter protections, IDS/IPS, VPN governance. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions

CORE BUSINESS: Delegating complexity management, focusing exclusively on the corporate focus
EFFICIENCY: Having different environments according to the peculiarities of the workloads
TIME TO MARKET: Accelerating the transition to consumption-based IT as a service by quickly starting new workloads
SAVING: Enhancing internal skills and reducing the number of interlocutors thereby achieving savings

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